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Rossi Messina Tobacco Pipe

The Rossi Messina pipe is an Italian pipe that is associated with high quality and excellent craftsmanship. Rossi pipes have been manufactured in Italy since 1800s by one of the finest tobacco pipe making companies in the world. The company, started as a labor of love, progressed and is now one of the best manufacturers of the finest pipes in the market today. These pipes are manufactured from the highest quality material to make one of the best pipes available. 

Rossi Messina Tobacco PipeRossie Characteristics

The Rossi Messina pipe name is synonymous with quality, elegance and durability. The Rossi Messina pipe has a dark finish which gives it a classy elegant look which lasts for generations. The simple yet graceful brass accent that is just visible at the junction between the dark bowl and equally dark mouth piece adds a graceful feel to the overall look of the pipe. The dark and refined mouth piece is made up of vulcanite. The name Rossi is embossed on the stem all of the pipes, thus ensuring that the pipe you have is undeniably one of the finest makes available in the world.

The Rossi Messina has big, spacious and stylishly designed bowls for easy smoking. Smoking in a Rossi Messina is a treat in itself; therefore some of the Rossi Messina Pipes come with bowls that are pre-treated with a carbon substance that reduces the break in time and allows you to get to the pleasure of smoking as soon as possible. The Rossi Messina pipe is crafted from premium quality Italian briar with a gorgeous finish and a decent amount of Birdseye and grain pattern. The mouth piece on the Rossi Messina pipe are well balanced and proportionate to give a very easy comfortable and natural feel in the mouth. The vulcanite is quite resilient and can withstand forces applied by people who tend to clench their jaws while holding a pipe in their mouth.

The Rossi Messina with all its comfortable features, elegance and durability might sound quite expensive, but that is not the case. The price of Rossi Messina pipes varies with style and depends on which model is chosen, but is generally available within one hundred dollars. The price tag on the Rossi Messina pipe makes it worthwhile to pick up more than one of these luxurious beauties for rotation smoking or just the plain joy of it. The Rossi Messina pipe can be smoked with or without a filter. The use of filter is based entirely on personal preferences. The filter usually used is the balsa filter. The people who have used filters claim that the use of filter does not interfere with the draw, the taste of tobacco or any other drawback usually associated with use of filters. The people who prefer to smoke with filters tend to claim that smoking with a filter has made their smoking experience less harsh, cooler, and smoother and does not give them any issue no matter what condition the tobacco is in when they smoke it.

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