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Savinelli Alligator: Tough like a Gator!

Savinelli is known worldwide as one of the pioneering and most innovative names when it comes to manufacturing smoking tobacco pipes, which are created with a purpose and theme that smokers can relate to. They can purchase these pipes as to accessorize their own personalities and the Savinelli Alligator is no exception.

The Savinelli Alligator smoking tobacco pipe is designed to look and feel like an alligator with a rugged and rough exterior that looks like an alligator’s skin. It is available in five different colors, brown, black, blue, red and green.

The Savinelli Alligator smoking pipe comes in different shapes and sizes, and is available in straight, partially bent and full bend stems. It is convertible, hence the Savinelli Balsa Filter System can be applied to the Savinelli Alligator smoking pipes.

The Savinelli Balsa Filter System is a patented filter system unique to Savinelli. It works based on the characteristics that are unique to balsa wood. Balsa wood allows natural absorption, so there are no additives or chemicals used to activate absorption in Savinelli pipes.

The balsa system does away with humidity and the irritating drizzle that comes with smoking pipes. It is built into the barrel of the pipe; hence it provides a smaller scale and cleaner filtering system, making a better smoking experience. The power of absorption works best as it comes from many porous, high grade balsa fibers which provide the best smoke, without degrading any flavor, or affecting the aroma of the tobacco, providing a quality smoking experience.

It is extremely easy to employ the use of a balsa filter in the Savinelli Alligator smoking pipe. It is recommended each time the Savinelli Alligator is cleaned that the filter be changed to provide fluidity in your smoking process. It works at optimal efficiency if you replace the filter in its adapter, which is given to you when you purchase the pipe. The Savinelli Alligator smoking pipe also comes with twenty inserts that you can use each time you want to use the filter system.

The green Savinelli Alligator is the best representation of an alligator itself, and it is well suited to those who love wildlife and the outdoors. It can also be a perfect allegory for a person who is rugged and masculine. It can be a good gift that shows thought and adds a more personal touch.