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Savinelli Autograph Pipes

Savinelli Autograph line of pipes offers a vast selection of exquisite pipes made from the quality wood that Savenelli is known for. The many different styles include the billiard fan, the Dublin, bent billiard, bent ball and acorn styles. Each style has many features that set it apart from any other style of pipe. This is a collector’s haven because there are so many different styles to choose from. They each offer a signature autograph that bears the Savinelli name. This unique line combined many different shapes and textures to make one of the most extensive lines available from any brand.

Savinelli Autograph SmoothAutograph Uniqueness

One of the most uniquely designed pipes in the Savinelli Autograph line is the billiard fan. The bowl of this pipe is designed to be shaped like a fan. It is much larger on the outside, but the bowl also offers a much higher height of 2.60 inches. The chamber depth is 2.05 inches. This uniquely made pipe offers a bit of an eccentric design which appeals to many collectors of pipes from around the world. There is not another pipe like it made by any other designer. The pipe itself weight three ounces.

Artisan Pipes

The Savinelli Autograph pipe series is considered to be artisan pipes made for both collectors and frequent pipe smokers. These pipes appeal to both types of people because they have the elegance and unique design that appeal to most collectors, yet they also offer the function for those who enjoy smoking pipes. Due to the many different styles that this series offers, there are many people that can find a pipe that suits them. These pipes are made to be used with the Balsa filter system that was created by Savinelli. They are removable filters that can be interchangeably used with other Savinelli brand pipes. 

Savinelli BrandSavinelli Autograph Pipes

Savinelli is a very well respected name in the pipe industry and among avid pipe smokers. Mr. Achilles Savinelli Sr. opened his first tobacco shop in 1876, and was one of the very first tobacco shops in the world to operate. Mr. Savinelli has created an incredible brand that makes some of the most intricately designed and hand crafted pieces of art that many pipe collectors only dream to own. The brand is still going strong as one of the leading manufacturers of pipes in the world. The Italian based company makes many different styles and designs of pipes include the Savinelli Autograph series. 

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