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Savinelli Caramella: Luxuriant Caramel Candy Pipe

Savinelli Caramella tobacco pipes are known for their uniqueness, beauty and originality. Hence it should be no surprise to discover that Savinelli has crafted a pipe that combines all these typical, significant aspects of their brand and employs their brilliant use of innovation to craft the Savinelli Caramella, a masterpiece that truly ties together the Savinelli name to the joys of tobacco smoking.

Savinelli Caramella tobacco pipe is a “candy pipe”, bringing you the luxury of inhaling rich, aromatic smoke to provide a truly exceptional smoking experience.

Savinelli Caramella tobacco pipe is truly an original when it comes to pipe design. The Savinelli Caramella is crafted with a flock-like methacrylate mouthpiece. The detail which makes it so innovative however, is the multi-colored ring which is reminiscent of a flavorsome, irresistible candy caramel along with the brown color of the mouthpiece.

The Savinelli Caramella tobacco pipe has the Savinelli Logo stamped onto the side of its mouthpiece which is another remarkable aspect of the true Italian spirit which is a reflection of each of Savinelli’s products. The Savinelli Caramella draws its inspiration from the swirls of dark chocolate and rich, creamy caramel on most Italian candy, which are crafted onto the acrylic mouthpieces of the Savinelli Caramella smoking pipe.

Crafted with Sandblasted, Rustic and smooth finishes, the Savinelli Caramella line offers a lot of options to pipe enthusiasts who can select different shapes and types like the Billiard, Apple, Zulu and Egg. The brown acrylic stem has the swirls on them made with acrylic godet.

The Savinelli Caramella tobacco pipe can be used without the Savinelli filters if the smoker wishes, as usually there are 20 inserts available with the purchase of the pipe. These enable the smoker to make use of the Savinelli Balsa Filter System.

The Savinelli Balsa system is a filtering system which is based on the special qualities found in balsa wood. Balsa wood allows absorption naturally; hence it doesn’t require the use of additives or chemicals or humidity and the annoying drizzle that is built into the barrel of the pipe. Hence it is smaller and cleaner. This power of absorption comes from the numerous porous balsa fibers in the wood, which provide the optimal smoking experience, without compromising the natural flavor of the smoke and the aroma of the tobacco.

You can get the Savinelli Caramella tobacco pipe in straight, partial bend and full bend shapes, each equally beautiful, as it is a handcrafted object which has the ability to sweeten the smoking experience of those who enjoy it the most.