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Savinelli Churchwarden: A Throwback to the Times of the Ancients!

The Savinelli Churchwarden is a throwback to the ancient times when the world was mystical and mysterious, much before the advent of any sort of technology, in the times of storytellers, fables and lore. Picture a quaint village where guardians and wizard travel amongst common dwellings of all sorts of living creatures, humans, elves, dwarves and hobbits, casually drawing puffs from their Churchwarden pipes making sure that everyone is living in harmony, peace and tranquility.

The Savinelli Churchwarden smoking pipe product line is the only smoking tobacco pipe line which have the longest stems for their pipes, which are available in two main sizes in the Savinelli catalog, the larger Savinelli Churchwarden, and the slightly smaller Semi-Churchwarden.

Though the most popular version of the Savinelli Churchwarden is the straight stemmed smoking tobacco pipe, with a rustic finish, as it gives off the most authentic look, it is available in full bent and partial bent stem as well.

The Savinelli Churchwarden has different finishes in its product line which are smooth, sandblast, billiard sandblast and billiard sandblast. The Savinelli Churchwarden also comes with a rustic finish. They also come in two different colors, black and brown. Some of the Savinelli Churchwarden smoking pipes are all black, while some just have a black stem, with a brown bowl, especially those with the rustic finish. All these Savinelli Churchwarden smoking tobacco pipes have unique aspects which you can select according to your needs and what you feel looks the best.

The Savinelli Churchwarden is the brainchild of Giancarlo the pipe manufacturing visionary behind Savinelli, who took over his grandfather Achilles’ dream and revolutionized the smoking tobacco pipe industry today.

Giancarlo has managed the delicate task of bringing the company relevant to the 21st century, while keeping its rich history and heritage intact, making the Savinelli brand a symbol for tradition. This history of devotion to quality is still embedded deep into the Savinelli philosophy, which is now in its 2nd century of existence, still keeping and running the business within the family, where it thrives and is still making quality smoking pipes to this day.

The Savinelli Churchwarden have stems which are ten inches long, longer than the stems in any other Savinelli smoking pipes, and have the one of the longest stems amongst any brand worldwide. The Savinelli Churchwarden is a non-convertible pipe, keeping it simple and true to the olden times, where you can feel connected to history while you smoke!