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Savinelli Clarks Favorite: Rhett’s Ultimate Choice!

The Savinelli Clarks Favorite is another one of Savinelli tobacco pipes, which are created as a tribute to a great personality, and an iconic figure in history. The Savinelli Clarks favorite smoking pipe is created after the Hollywood legend Clark Gable, the man who revolutionized the image of a ‘perfect gentleman’ in the personas he acted out in the movies that he did, like Mutiny on the Bounty and the role that defined his entire career, and inspired the creation of this pipe, Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind.

The Savinelli Clarks Favorite tobacco pipe is a unique product line, which is created with skill and dedication, and is amongst the most sophisticated of all the Savinelli smoking pipes, equally high in quality and style.

The Savinelli Clarks favorite is available in four main different finishes and styles, which are comprised of the smooth Billiard finish, the Sandblast ZB finish, the Rustic Ponto Oro S finish and the Soiree smooth finish. The Savinelli Clarks favorite come in different stem styles as well, such as the bent, tapered Lucite stem of the Savinelli Clarks favorite with the smooth billiard finish and the smooth ebony finish on the Rustic Ponto Oro and the Soiree smooth.

The Savinelli Clarks favorite was created under the supervision of Giancarlo Savinelli, the pipe manufacturing visionary behind Savinelli, who took over his grandfather Achilles’ dream and revolutionized the smoking tobacco pipe industry today.

Giancarlo has managed the delicate task of bringing the company relevant to the 21st century, while keeping its rich history and heritage intact, making the Savinelli brand a symbol for tradition. This history of devotion to quality is still embedded deep into the Savinelli philosophy, which is now in its 2nd century of existence, still keeping and running the business within the family, where it thrives and is still making quality smoking pipes to this day.

The Savinelli Clarks favorite is a tobacco pipe which is created keeping the richness of the Savinelli history in mind, along with the richness of the history regarding the man the pipe is created as a tribute to as well. Clark Gable became an icon and an idol for men all over the world during his long and illustrious career, adored by women and men alike.

Paired with actresses like Vivian Leigh and Carole Lombard, Clark Gable’s life was the symbol of class, glamour and luxury, everything that Savinelli itself symbolizes, hence it is fitting that the Savinelli Clarks Favorite tobacco pipe turned out to be such a marvelous tribute, and a quality smoking pipe.