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Savinelli Day and Night - An Uninterrupted Smoking Experience!

Savinelli Day and Night tobacco pipes are world renowned for their quality in style, texture and class. Crafted true to the Savinelli standards, Savinelli Day and Night tobacco pipes are an experience, not just a hobby. These pipes are available in a set of two, just like the name suggests one for the night, and one for the day.

Savinelli Day and Night tobacco pipes is an embodiment of the recommendation which all tobacco pipe smokers swear by, which is “let the pipe rest”. These two pipes, one black which represents the night, also named “Night” and the other which is light and sunny like a bright day which is also named “Day” are meant for smoking at those specific times alone.

Both of the tobacco pipes in the Savinelli Day and Night set come with a sophisticated silver ring as a band. However they differ in design when it comes to the mouthpiece, as the Night model has a stamp of a moon and a silver star on its mouthpiece, while the Day model has a golden stamp of a glowing sun on the mouthpiece.

When you purchase the Savinelli Day Night smoking pipes, you will see that the Night pipe is encased in a deep blue velvet bag to represent nighttime, while the day pipe is placed inside a yellow velvet bag to symbolize sunshine. The Night pipe’s bag also has the moon and stars printed on it, while the Day’s bag has a sun embossed on it.

The Savinelli Day and Night tobacco pipes are made from the best quality of Mediterranean Briar, which make them resistant to absorption. They are also convertible so the smoker can choose if he wants to implement the Savinelli Balsa Filter System or just smoke the tobacco pipe as it is.

The Savinelli Day and Night smoking pipes have acrylic and Lucite stems in this line of smoking pipes, and are available in both rustic and smooth finish. They are available in several different shapes like the Billiard shape, the straight shape, the partial bend and the fully bended stem style.

The smoker that owns the Savinelli Night and Day tobacco pipe knows that with this set, he has two prime examples of the extraordinary Savinelli craft in his pipe collection, and these pipes are able to provide for a complete and uninterrupted quality smoking experience- perfect two alternate between the night and day, with no limits!