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Savinelli Gift Set Day and Night

About the Famous Savinelli Gift Set "Day and Night"

Are you considering a Savinelli gift set for Christmas, New Year's, a birthday, Father's Day, or any occasion where you might wish to give a true gentleman a gift to remember? Savinelli pipes are known for their exquisite looks and equally fine craftsmanship. They are true treasures of the bygone age when Achille Savinelli opened his first shop in 1876. This Savinelli was the proprietor of one of the first stores in the entire world that focused exclusively upon pipes, tobacco, and all of the other things that go into the wonderful world of pipe smoking as a hobby.

Four decades after that Savinelli founded his shop, Achille Savinelli Jr., his grandson, became the newest apprentice to the family trade. The Savinelli Pipe Factory was opened in 1948 and began to manufacture exclusive pipe designs, including the world renowned Savinelli gift set. Over the years, there have been many different kinds of gift sets available under the Savinelli brand name, but each one has been uniquely exclusive and exquisite. For the time being, the most popular and most breathtaking gift set is the Day and Night Savinelli set, including two unique pipes and all the accessories for a perfect gift.

What is the Day and Night Savinelli gift set? It is a reminder that smoking a pipe is a contemplative, relaxing time for the smoker. As such, the set comes with two pipes, one to be used exclusively during the day, and one to be used in the evening before retiring to bed. This is perfect for establishing the kind of comforting rituals that will help you unwind and make your day complete: First while facing the new day and later while preparing to retire for the evening. The pipes come with exclusive velvet carrying bags, one a deep midnight blue, the other golden like the morning sunshine.Savinelli Gift Set Day and Night

Each pipe in the Day and Night Savinelli gift set encourages the smoker to enter and enjoy the experience completely. Both are made from Mediterranean briar wood, intended to absorb moisture and thereby bring each tobacco closer to its full flavor potential. The unique properties of the briar also ensure that the gift pipes will last through thousands of uses over many years. The "Day" pipe is adorned with a sun on the mouthpiece, while the "Night" pipe features the moon and star. Both are compatible with a variety of Savinelli filters for your pleasure and convenience, day or night.