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Savinelli Made in Italy

The Secret of Savinelli Made in Italy Pipes and Balsa Wood

Savinelli made in Italy pipes have one of the richest and most fascinating histories of any brand of pipe still produced in the modern world. The story of the Savinelli pipe stretches back almost two hundred years to 1876. At this time, there were very few stores anywhere that sold pipes and tobacco exclusively. In fact, it is believed by many that Savinelli's store in Milan was the first truly dedicated smoking store. Savinelli himself was from a tradition of master European craftspeople and artists. He allowed only the finest artisans to bring to life the pipes that he envisioned for his customers.

However, the design now most associated with the Savinelli made in Italy name did not come about for many years. Achille Savinelli began a family dynasty that would stretch on to his son and his grandson. It was his grandson who eventually established the Savinelli Pipe Factory, but only after going through hundreds of pipe designs in a quest to create something that would be truly unique -- Savinelli Made in Italyas unique to pipe smoking as his grandfather's store had been to the trade and commerce of smoking paraphernalia. After much effort and dedication, he succeeded and cemented the Savinellis' place in smoking history.

Because of the rich supplies of balsa timber widely available throughout the Italian Peninsula, Savinelli made in Italy pipes are still usually made from balsa wood. The Mediterranean remains the heartland of fine tobacco pipe wood. Balsa wood is lighter and less durable than some other kinds of wood, but it has the benefit of being the most absorbent wood known to the art of pipe making. This virtually eliminates the problem of excess moisture getting into the pipe and ruining the tobacco. Although there are some other brands with similar features, such as the Peterson, Savinelli uses the highest quality wood.

You must treat your balsa wood pipes with care, but they are arguably the best pipes on the market when it comes to cooling the smoke of the pipe and protecting your tobacco. Regardless of which wood the pipes are made of, Savinelli pipes are uniquely designed to use a special balsa wood filter system. This filter is among the best used in Europe, where pipe filtering is commonplace, in contrast to U.S. pipes that go unfiltered. The Savinelli made in Italy pipe with balsa filter offers the most subtle and delicious smoking experience -- and the brand even makes "starter kits" for new pipe smokers.