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Savinelli Miele Pipes

The Savinelli Miele pipe, also known as the honey pipe is a unique design that has changed the way that people experience tobacco. The tone of this pipe’s bowl is extremely warm and resembles a blonde color. It is made to appear like a bee hive, which is why people refer to it as they honey pipe. This is one of the most unique popes available for tobacco smokers, and literarily changes the taste of the tobacco and enhances the flavor. This is great for those who feel they do not like the taste of tobacco.

Savinelli Meile PipeMiele Design

Many people fall in love with the Savinelli Miele right away because of the design. There is a special type of paste inside that resembles nectar. This helps the smoker to have the tobacco enhanced to be sweet like nectar. Many new tobacco smokers as well as long time tobacco smokers have been amazed at the improvement that this can do to the taste of tobacco. There is no other pipe that has been made to change the taste the way this pipe does. It can be a fun addition to a collection of popes owned by a pipe collector.


The pipe has a pipe tamper that is just like a honey collector. In fact, the pipe tamper is the exact replica of a honey collector. This is a fantastic way to enhance the tobacco and help each person to have a good experience with a bountiful taste of the tobacco. TheSavinelli Miele Tamper sweet addition of the honey aroma and taste is good for people who want a change. This changes many people’s perception of tobacco pipes and how they can work. Choosing the right pipe can be a matter of how the pipe makes the tobacco taste and the design of the pipe itself.

Savinelli Miele Brand

The Savinelli Miele is one of many pipes manufactured by the Savinelli brand. The marking of this brand of pipes can be found along the side of the pipe. This ensures the quality of this brand is there. This brand has been known for inventive ways of creating tobacco pipes that have revolutionized the world of tobacco. Many people prefer a pipe made by this company because they know they will get a quality product that will enhance their smoking experience. This company has gone through four generations of pipe manufacturers and they have learned the fine art of tobacco pipe design and creation. 

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