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Savinelli Minuto Pipes

The Savinelli Minuto is a pipe the represents a new way for pipe smokers to experience the tobacco. Many people compare this pipe to a combination of smoking pipes and cigarettes. This is quite a different type of design that the Savinelli brand has designed; one that will more than likely become a member of every pipe aficionado’s collection. The hand crafted pipe is created from natural briar wood. This type of wood is one of the most helpful materials to use in the construction of a pipe. The material is a naturally absorbent, so this enhances the taste of the tobacco.

Savinelli Minuto PipeMinuto Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship of this pipe has been well thought out and helps to enhance the aroma of the tobacco so the individual can enjoy the tobacco to the fullest extent. The Savinelli Minuto is made in two different styles. It comes in a straight or a bent stem. It can also be purchased in a natural briar wood color or rustic sandblasted finish. There are many collectors that have included this pipe in their collection due to the new design features and excellent craftsmanship. The traditional materials used and the elegant look for the pipe makes it a popular choice for nearly any type of pipe smoker.

Why the Minuto

This pipe was originally made for those who smoke cigarettes. The Savinelli Minuto pipe is made to pull the aroma from the tobacco instead of the papers that cigarettes are made with. This allows a person to experience the tobacco the ways it was intended without the burning smell and taste that can affect the integrity of the tobacco. This is considered to be a new philosophy of smoking that has swept across the tobacco industry. This includes one that eliminates the need for cigarettes and elevates the desire for a better tasking way to enjoy tobacco.

This pipe was aimed to help cigarette smokers who have to deal with the ashes from a burning paper filled with tobacco. Using the tobacco in a better form will be a better experience. This pipe includes a mouthpiece that is constructed with methacrylate with a cigarette filter inside. This way the cigarette smoker can experience the tobacco in a much cleaner and more effective manner. Each time a smoker finished, this filter can be easily changed out. This is recommended so the person can enjoy smoking from their pipe for many years. Cleaning the Savinelli Minot will be helpful in keeping it maintained.

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