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Savinelli Noce Pipes

The Savinelli brand has created an extensive line of pipes that can be used by the novice smoker as well as the common tobacco smoker. Each pipe is created with a theme in mind. The Savinelli Noce is a natural looking pipe that bears resemblance to a walnut with its etched briar. Many people like this pipe because it is so different from other pipes made by the same brand. It can be interesting to some pipe collectors to purchase a wide variety of pipes, and this one is no exception.

Savinelli Noce PipeChoosing a Pipe

Choosing a pipe can be a personal experience unique to each individual. Some people prefer to smoke their tobacco through a filtered pipe, while others are happy to smoke their tobacco without a filter system in place. The Savinelli Noce uses the Balsa filter system. Inserts can be purchased that work with any Savinelli brand pipe. They can be removed easily and replaced. This filter system is considered to be one of the best because it absorbs moisture and removes the tar and nicotine from the tobacco and produces a clean smoke. This affects the taste of the tobacco as well. Some people prefer it while others do not.

Noce Natural Look

For individuals who are drawn to natural looking pipes the Savinelli Noce is a good choice.  There are many features that make this pipe a unique addition to the brand’s line. There are two different mouthpieces that this pipe works with. One is a soft natural color that resembles the color of a walnut, while the other is a much darker color to offer a look of elegance. There are many people who prefer both to have on hand and switch as they please.

Savinelli Noce are Unique

Each Savinelli Noce pipe is different. They are hand carved to be individual for each person whoSavinelli Noce purchases this type of pipe. This pipe is an artisan lover’s dream because it is offers a sense of individuality among pipes. People who prefer to have a unique pipe that is not like another pipe available would normally choose this design and style. There are many different brands that produce cheap replicas, but there is a distinct difference in that type of pipe. Quality pipes will offer a better flavor from the tobacco than cheap models, because of the material and the filtering system combined. The briar is a naturally absorbing material and when it is combined with the Balsa filters the moisture does not affect the tobacco. 

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