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Savinelli Onda Pipes

Savinelli is one of the oldest tobacco and pipe manufacturers around today. They create and produce many different types of fine Italian pipes made from high quality materials. The Savinelli Onda pipe is an exquisite pipe that comes in either a sandblasted dark finish or a smooth caramel colored finish. This pipe is very popular among cigar and tobacco smokers because it can be used in practically any type of situation from casual to fancy. Mariners and sea faring individuals may have a special draw to this pipe due to its special charm and design.

Savinelli Onda Stem ChoicesSavinelli Onda Pipes

The Savinella Onda comes in a variety of stem choices. There are varying degrees of bent stems that this line has created making it a good choice for many types of tastes. Each type has the same bowl size for the tobacco to be contained, but the stems are just at varying degrees. There are also straight stems as well for those who prefer the straight stem versus the bent stem. Many people prefer this pipe to others because it is so versatile and yet is unique and fun in its own way. For Savinella pipe collectors, this is one that should not be overlooked.

Onda Charm

This unique pipe has a sea like charm to it with its wavy band wrapped around the bottom of the stem. This band features one yellow wavy stripe and another silver wavy stripe. This makes perfect sense since Onda in Italian refers to the sea. The Sandblasted version of the pipe has a contrasting walnut stained rim. Each of the Savinelli Onda pipes can be used with the Balsa six millimeter filter inserts. They usually come in a pack of 20 and are traditionally sold with the pipes. This can be great for those who want to have the tar and nicotine filtered out of the tobacco. The pipe can be used with or without the filters.

Savinelli OndaItalian tobacco pipes like the Savinella Onda are staples in many collectors collection of pipes. The stem is made from acrylic like any of the other pipes, and can be cleaned easily using the special pipe cleaning kits. The smooth color of the walnut stem makes this pipe an elegant choice for smokers. For some purchasing a pipe can be an important choice because many factors of a pipe can affect the tobacco and the taste. Savinella brand pipes are known for the moisture absorbing material of briar. 

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