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Savinelli Opera Pipes

The Savinelli brand has created a line of pipes called the Savinella Opera pipe. This is an artful pipe that was created in a dark brown and reddish finish. The pipe is a piece that will adorn any collector’s case, but it is also very useful with its non-oxidizing acrylic Lucite. This design was meant to replicate the classics that have been used for centuries. It is a timeless piece that exudes elegance and charm.  The stem of this pipe is exquisitely straight and the dark finish is exactly what this pipe needed to accentuate the beauty.

Savinelli Opera PipesSavinelli Opera Design

Like many of Savinelli’s desings, the Savinelli Opera offers an interesting freehand design that no other manufacture can accomplish. It is in the billiard shape that pipe smokers love so well. The bowl height in this pipe is larger than most at almost two inches high. There are many people that claim this pipe to be one of the best in the entire brand’s line of pipes. This can be used during a casual evening at home as well as a night out at a nice event. The design allows the tobacco room to breathe while absorbing the moisture that can ruin the integrity of the tobacco.

Savinelli Opera Balsa

The Savinella Opera uses the Balsa system of filters or inserts just like the other pipes in this brand. These filters can slide easily into the stem allowing the tobacco to be filtered. This system can be used interchangeably with the other pipes in this line. The pipe can either be smoked with or without the filter in place. The pipes are usually sold with a pack of 20 inserts that can be used. This supply can be replenished by visiting a tobacco shop for additional inserts that can be used with this and other Savinelli pipes.

Savinelli Opera Band

This pipe is often distinguished by the two lines of yellow that wrap around the stem of the pipe. The deep stain is offset by these two yellow striped around the pipe. Many people find the Savinella Opera to be a classic in their collection. Savinella pipes will often bear the imprint of the brand on its side. This will distinguish it from replicas, and can be quite a catch in a person’s collection. This is one of the most popular designs in this brand and is often sold out in cigar and tobacco shops due to its rising popularity. 

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