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Savinelli Oscar: Worthy of an Award Itself!

Savinelli Oscar is known around the world for its innovation and style. The Savinelli product lines of tobacco pipes are each skillfully crafted work of art. Most Savinelli pipes are created with a story in mind, much like the fantastic story of Savinelli itself, and Savinelli Oscar is no exception. Created as an allegory to pay homage to the time honored tradition of the Academy Awards, the Savinelli Oscar is a pipe designed as a reminder of the progress and prestige Hollywood has in everyone’s hearts around the world.

The official word on the Savinelli Oscar is that if a pipe series were eligible to win an actual Oscar, it would go to the Savinelli Oscar hands down. The Savinelli Oscar is a classic pipe, which is not heavy on the pocket, while providing a quality, cool smoking experience, which are excellent traits benefitting both the amateur and expert tobacco pipe smoker.

The Savinelli Oscar series have several beautiful tobacco pipes in its product line, which makes each piece unique and desirable in its own right. The Savinelli Oscar pipe series each has a classic, yet distinct look with its unique finish, shape and stem colors, which complement the rest of the pipe beautifully.

The Savinelli Oscar Aries pipe is an example of such a pipe. It is left Natural, with a Lucite mouthpiece, and comes in Apple matte finish and Billiard matte finish, in both straight and partial bend styles.

The Savinelli Oscar tobacco pipe line with the Lucite pipe come in the Billiard glossy finish, the Dublin glossy finish along with the Bulldog in matte finish. These pipes all accept the six millimeter Savinelli Balsa Filters and come with the converter tub for easy application.

The Savinelli Balsa Filter System is a patented filter system unique to Savinelli. It works based on the characteristics that are unique to balsa wood. Balsa wood allows natural absorption, so there are no additives or chemicals used to activate absorption in Savinelli pipes.

The balsa system does away with humidity and the irritating drizzle that comes with smoking pipes. It is built into the barrel of the pipe; hence it provides a smaller scale and cleaner filtering system, making a better smoking experience. The power of absorption works best as it comes from many porous, high grade balsa fibers which provide the best smoke, without degrading any flavor, or affecting the aroma of the tobacco, providing a quality smoking experience for those who employ it in their Savinelli Oscar smoking pipes.