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Savinelli Piazza versus Savinelli Saturnia Tobacco Pipe

A lot of things can influence a tobacco pipe smoking session.  Most agree that the choice of tobacco is the main factor, but there's no question that the pipe you smoke from plays a big role in your enjoyment of the experience as well.  That means choosing the best pipe for you is important.  The Piazza and the Saturnia, two offerings from legendary pipe company Savinelli, are both excellent options when you're ready for a new pipe to enjoy over the course of the future.  They're made for quality and durability, but have a few differences between them that are worth looking at.

The Savinelli Piazza is inspired by the Piazza di Spagna, or the Spanish Square found in Rome.  The pipe itself is available in straight, half, or full bend stems and several different finishes.  A few bowl shapes are available as well, and the pipe is created to be a rustic addition to a pipe collection.  It's made from the high quality construction and briar wood that Savinelli is known for and is convertible for use with the balsa filter system.  It's an excellent mid-range pipe to add to a collection, or the perfect first purchase if quality matters to you when you enter the world of pipe smoking.

The Savinelli Saturnia uses a two tone coloring scheme and a rustic style as well.  It is convertible as well, and available in several different sizes, shapes, and finishes.  You can choose from straight or bent shafts as well.  This pipe is the most popular available in the rustic style from Savinelli, and those who buy it usually receive a pack of the famous balsa wood filters that all convertible Savinelli pipes can use.  It's very similar to the Piazza, although several differences in style and design are noticeable even at a quick glance.

SavinelliSince both the Piazza and the Saturnia are from Savinelli, quality is high within both options.  They're also both in the rustic line of pipes offered by the company, and which one fits you the best is really a matter of personal preference and choice.  This means that you'll have to make your decision based mainly on personal taste.  Look at the colors, the shapes, and the overall aesthetics of the pipe in order to determine which one you'd like the most.  Of course, you could always buy both, since a pipe collection is only made better by more additions.