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Savinelli Pipe Convertible Balsa System

If you are diehard pipe smoking fan, chances are that you have heard of the famous Savinelli range of smoking pipes. This particular smoking pipe brand set the standard for all smoking pipes since its creation in 1876 when the original owner, Achille Savinelli opened up his smoking exclusive store in Italy. Needless to say, you have it made if you are seen sporting one of these beauties at drinking parties. 

Savinelli’s Convertible Balsa System

What sets a Savinelli pipe apart from its counterparts is its signature convertible balsa system. In other words, all pipes made for this particular brand are convertible which means that they are designed to be used with the Savinelli Balsa system alone.

Why Balsa Wood?

So what is this Balsa system that has a lot of pipe enthusiasts foaming at the mouth? You might be familiar with balsa wood. It’s the same material that is used to make small airplanes. Popularly hailed as the most absorbent wood that Mother Nature could come up with, AchilleSavinelli and his R&D team capitalized on this concept via two means.

One had to do with the super absorbent property of the wood itself. A pipe made from the same material would suck up any moisture that might travel outside the pipe bowl. The other property has to do with the natural cooling effect of the wood that would cool the smoke around the material.

The use of this unique material can never be underestimated. No matter how hot you smoke a pipe there would be no tongue bite nor will any moisture get past it and into your mouth if a balsa insert is used in a Savinelli pipe. Tests have also proven that a balsa insert also possesses retentive properties when it comes to tobacco that might have any tar or nicotine. 

Other than that, a new type of tenon (a part of the mouthpiece that is attached to the end of the shank) also had to be created that would fit in a Savinelli Balsa insert.  However, AchilleSavenelli went a step further and designed the pipes so as to give his customers a choice to commit to this revolutionary system. In other words, a Savenelli pipe’s Converter system (an additional small tube that can be fitted at the end of a tenon) ensured that customers could smoke to their heart’s content without the Balsa system if they choose to. 

There eventually came a time when the Savenelli team created a tenon that was made from Teflon whose flexibility made it easier to remove and insert the shank. Not only that but this new system would also designed in order to accommodate the black converter tube as well as the triangular shaped Balsa insert. This unique mechanism allows users to smoke a Savenelli pipe with or without the Balsa system with ease. Perhaps no other brand can give smokers the same experience. A Savenelli pipe design says it all. One thing is for sure, you will know that you are in for a good smoke when you take the first drag.