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Savinelli Pipe Pouches - Perfect for your pipe!

One of the disadvantages of pipe smoking is that it’s not as portable as cigars. Between the pipes themselves, the tobacco, and cleaning supplies, taking a pipe habit on the road can quickly become cumbersome. Fortunately, there are a number of Savinelli pipe pouches that can help passionate pipe smokers keep their supplies close in one travel bag.

The Right Pouch

Finding the right pipe pouch or bag depends a lot on the needs of the smoker. Savinelli has a number of different bags to fit a variety of needs. The company sells leather pipe sleeves in several colors that are designed to fit snugly over the bowl and protect it from environmental damage. The sleeve opens fully, so the pipe bowl can be placed inside easily. It is available in the neutral colors black and brown as well as an eye-catching red.

Pipe Sleeve

While pipe sleeves are great for carrying around a single pipe or even for everyday storage of unused pipes, there are disadvantages to using them. The main disadvantage is that there is only room for the pipe bowl. Tobacco would need to be pre-packed into the bowl or carried around in a separate container. However, there are larger Savinelli pipe pouches that provide room for the pipe, tobacco and other items.

Pipe PouchesThe Savinelli pipe case is a small zippered bag that has enough room to store one pipe from stem to bowl. The inside of the case is lined to prevent cuts and scratches to the smoking device. A zippered compartment on the exterior of the case provides room for a small bag of tobacco. The pouch is small enough to be carried around in a jacket pocket, briefcase, or book bag.

For those that like to have multiple pipes on hand for various smoking occasions, the Savinelli Churchwarden pipe pouch is big enough to hold two pipes. It also has two buttoned compartments inside that can be used to hold two different types of tobacco, pipe cleaners, tools or a combination of the aforementioned. The pouch is made from durable leather, which means it will hold up for years to come.

Lastly, the Savinelli 6 Pipe Carry Case is for people that need to store several pipes. This large case can hold up to six pipes on one side and pipe tools on the other. There is also a pocket on the front of the case that can hold tobacco or other items. It is fitted with a strap for easy portability.

Finding the right pipe pouch or bag is a matter of taking a moment to figure out what is required and then finding the bag that meets those needs. Savinelli is sure to have pipe gear to fit the needs of a wide variety of smokers.

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