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Savinelli Pipe

The Savinelli Pipe Convertible System

savinelli-pipe-.jpgIf you’ve ever smoked a Savinelli pipe, you already know that there’s something a little different about this brand’s pipes. And if you haven’t experienced the unique Savinelli smoking system, you may find that it’s one worth checking out. Savinelli pipes have a one-of-a-kind filtering system that “cleans” smoke before it’s inhaled, often leading to less tongue bite and an overall more enjoyable smoking experience. Of course, not all pipe smokers enjoy the nuances of the Savinelli pipe for one reason or another. But, even those who prefer a Peterson pipe or a Brebbia pipe, for instance, can’t deny the fact that Savinelli pipes provide a smoking experience like no other.

The mouthpiece of every Savinelli pipe accommodates a triangular piece of balsa wood, which is incredibly porous. This piece of wood serves as the pipe’s filter and helps to absorb excess moisture from the tobacco smoke before it reaches the smoker’s mouth. Savinelli recognized that his revolutionary balsa system may not appeal to every smoker. As a result, Savinelli pipes come with a converter tube that allows them to be utilized with or without the balsa filter.

Savinelli pipes are available in a variety of styles, with at least one that is sure to meet the aesthetic preferences of virtually every tobacco pipe smoker. The brand offers freehand pipes, which are one-of-a-kind, hand-carved pieces; pre-set pipes that are uniformly constructed by machine; and a large selection of special series pipes that are created to commemorate a special event or as part of an original collection. No matter which type of Savinelli pipe strikes your fancy, you can rest assured that it’s been meticulously manufactured and that it will stand the test of time.

To learn more about the nuances of the Savinelli pipe or for assistance with selecting your new pipe, feel free to contact us.