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Savinelli Pipes

Savinelli Pipes Offer a Smoking Experience Like No Other

Savinelli PipesThere are several reasons that so many discerning smokers prefer Savinelli pipes over those from other manufacturers. For one, the Savinelli brand has become somewhat of a status symbol among pipe enthusiasts; in some circles, smoking a Savinelli is akin to driving a Mercedes Benz. But Savinelli pipes aren’t only enjoyed by those who are concerned with keeping up with the Joneses. Many smokers also prefer this brand because of the unique smoking experience its smoking pipes provide.

So what is it about a Savinelli smoking pipe that makes it so unique? The answers lie in the brand’s unique filtering system, which:

  • Utilizes a small strip of balsa wood (the world’s most porous type of wood) to absorb moisture from the smoke as it travels from the bowl to the smoker’s mouth
  • Provides a natural cooling effect, helping to virtually eliminate tongue bite
  • Can help to filter tar and nicotine, allowing smokers to enjoy a purer smoke

And, because Achille Savinelli (the brand’s creator) wanted his pipes to appeal to the masses, Savinelli pipes have been designed to function with or without the balsa filter in place. A small tube, which is included with the purchase of a Savinelli pipe, can be inserted in place of a balsa filter to provide a traditional, unfiltered smoke.

If you’re interested in learning more about Savinelli pipes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can also answer any questions you may have about a particular Peterson of Dublin, Brebbia, Missouri Meerschaum, or Dr Grabow pipe.