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Savinelli Pipes versus Brebbia

The two companies, Savinelli and Brebbia, have a closely intertwined history. For those who have been part of the pipe smoking community for many years, the two brands will be familiar to the ear. For those who are new, these brands may be a bit exotic and something they are not familiar with. Both these brands come from the heart of Italy. In fact, the founders of these two companies are related. To understand the history of one means you need to understand the history and properties of the other one.

Savinelli Tobacco PipesOf the two companies, Savinelli is the older of the two brands. This company came into being when Achille Savinelli opened up a tobacco shop in Milan. The shop carried a number of pipe brands from different manufacturers around Europe. That continued well into the early 20th century. The shop had an excellent reputation for customer service and quality products. In 1920, Achille's son, Carlo, introduced a line of pipes made exclusively for the Savinelli shop. That was the beginning of the Savinelli brand of pipes.

By 1947, the Savinelli family was still producing pipes and selling tobacco products out of their Milan shop. Two members of the Savinelli family decided to start their own line of pipes. Those were Enea Buzzi and his cousin Achille Savinelli, the son of the man who ran the Savinelli shop at the time. These two entrepreneurs began manufacturing pipes under the Savinelli name due to brand recognition. By 1953, Enea Buzzi had become the sole owner of the pipe manufacturing process.

Brebbia Tobacco PipesEnea Buzzi made the decision to start creating pipes designed for experienced pipe smokers rather than focus on larger production batches. That decision marks the real split between the Savinelli and the Brebbia brands. The first patent to hold the mark of Brebbia appeared in 1956. The company began taking off when it started to sponsor slow smoking competitors. This success continues through today with handmade pipes still being the quality coming out of their small Italy workshop.

When you are looking at pipe brands, it can be difficult to differentiate between different ones. When the companies in question come from the same roots, it is even more difficult. When you are looking at a selection of Savinelli and Brebbia pipes, the most distinct difference is the method of manufacture employed by each company. Both produce quality products that offer a pleasant smoking experience.