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Savinelli Porto Cervo vs their Churchwarden Pipes

While it's hard enough to narrow down the brand of tobacco pipe you're interested in smoking, you'll also have to take the time to figure out just which style is right for you as well.  As one of the most well-known and respected pipe makers in the world, buying a Savinelli pipe is an easy choice.  But they offer numerous different styles of pipes to choose from, including the popular Churchwarden and the Porto Cervo.  One look at these two pipes will help you understand just how diverse and interesting the world of pipe collecting and pipe smoking can really be. Savinelli  

The Porto Cervo is a short stemmed pipe that is named for the Italian town of the same name.  It is almost rock like in firmness and finish, but is hand carved from the finest briarwood available.  It's black cherry in color and has a pair of contrasting bands to help add personality to it.  Additionally, it's available in several bowl and stem sizes as well as in numerous different shapes, including curve or straight stem styles.  This is a big difference from the Churchwarden, as is evident in one glance, but both offer excellent smoking experiences at a fair price.

One look at the Churchwarden pipe from Savinelli conjures up images of wizards and mages, apothecaries and alchemists.  It's the longest stemmed pipe that Savinelli offers, and provides a unique and almost mystical smoking experience.  Stems are roughly ten inches long and the pipes are available in smooth or sandblasted finishes.  They're made from the same high quality construction as other Savinelli pipes, but offer something far different from the norm.  Those looking to add a unique pipe to their collection can't do much better than this one, and in many cases it becomes their favorite pipe and the one they spend the most time with.

Obviously, these two pipes offer very different smoking experiences.  The Porto Cervo is a great pick for a high quality first pipe or a new standard addition to a collection.  On the other hand, the Churchwarden is a unique buy that isn't always the right pick for first timers – although many have found a love of pipes through the long stemmed pipes.  Either way, these two pipes may provide different experiences, but both will give you a lifetime of smoking pleasure.  Pack them with a high quality tobacco and you'll quickly realize that you made a purchase you can't regret.