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Savinelli Roma: A Symbol of Grandeur

The Savinelli Roma slogan over the years has been “Every beautiful object has a story”, and the Savinelli story is as authentic as they come. The story starts out with humble beginnings, with the head of the Savinelli family, Achille Savinelli Sr.

Achille Savinelli Sr. operated a small shop that sold smoking pipes and tobacco in Milan, Italy that soon transcended from a mere shop, into its own franchise with Achille’s grandson’s entrance into the business.

Achille Jr. was the ultimate entrepreneur. He started gaining work experience at a factory and soon had acquired sufficient knowledge and skill to start his own factory operation, with just fifteen employees.

The Savinelli shop is still functional today, and over the times it had established itself as a place where pipe smoking enthusiasts could come together and share their smoking experiences, compare the different types of pipes, and exchange ideas which made the shop a place to escape from the dredges of everyday routine and to spend some time with like-minded individuals that shared a common interest.

The Savinelli Roma smoking pipes were actually one of the first smoking pipes that were crafted out of briar as smoking pipes in those days were made from foam and clay.

The Savinelli Roma is a smoking pipe which is classified under the pre-set pipe range in the Savinelli catalogue. The Savinelli Roma is a representation of the old world sophistication and elegance with its gold bands and rustic finish.

Some models of the Savinelli Roma pipes have a brown rustic finish, which can be used with or without the Savinelli nine millimeter Balsa or nine millimeters Charcoal filters which either come with the Savinelli Roma smoking pipes, or can be purchased separately.

The Savinelli Roma smoking pipes have been fitted with the unique Savinelli Dry System, which makes the Savinelli smoking pipe special. The Dry system is a way to deliver the cool, dry smoke that every pipe smoker desires.

It works because the Savinelli Roma smoking pipe has been fitted with a bowl, which doubles as a reservoir. A balsa is inserted which assures the smoker that the smoke that would come out of the pipe would be moisture free. The moisture produced in the Savinelli Roma smoking pipe is a product of combustion, which can easily ruin the smoking experience, and leaves a bitter aftertaste in the smoker’s mouth after he is done smoking.

The Balsa system used in the Savinelli smoking pipe has been a universal phenomenon. Its success has been so great that ever since the Dry System was first introduced, almost every line of Savinelli pipes have been altered and produced in a way that incorporates the balsa drying system in them. These are referred to as the ‘convertible’ series.

There is a special slot at the top of the Savinelli Roma smoking pipe which fans out the smoke evenly into the air, instead of concentrating it in one area, or directing it upward, should it irritate the smoker’s eyes.

The Savinelli Roma smoking pipes are the epitome of class and sophistication in the Savinelli tobacco pipe line. They are sure to add a feeling of grandeur when smoked, granting the smoker immense pleasure for years to come.