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Savinelli Saturnia: Elegant Luxury and Sophistication!

The Savinelli Saturnia tobacco pipe is a pipe which has shape, design and coloring which is unique to the Savinelli brand. It differs from the rest of the pipes, because it is crafted using a harmony of two tones which are a product of a light and darker stain coming together.

Savinelli is known for the innovation they put towards manufacturing their pipes, and they have expanded because of this principle over a period of four generations. Savinelli smoking pipes are made from the finest quality of briar wood, namely Mediterranean, Sardinian and Corsican Briar, which is the best material one can choose for the manufacturing of pipes. What makes the Savinelli pipes even more special is the fact that they use the finest grades of briar grain in making their pipes, ensuring longevity and quality smoke.

The Savinelli Saturnia is most popular in its rustic finish, available in straight and partial bend. It Is colored in a very creative and sophisticated manner, with the top half of the bowl colored in a smooth and lighter color along with the shank, and the stem and body of the pipe in a rustic ebony, combining both smooth and rustic finishes in a single pipe.

The Savinelli Saturnia employs the use of the coveted Savinelli Balsa Filter system, which is designed to save the Savinelli Saturnia pipe from the harmful effects of combustion, absorb moisture and provide a cool and dry smoking experience.

The Balsa system works extremely well because of the unique properties of balsa wood, which has the capability to absorb moisture naturally. This removes the need for manufacturers to add any extra chemical agent to catalyze absorption, providing the smoker with a cool, comfortable and quality smoking experience.

As the absorption process occurs naturally, the flavor and aroma of the smoke is not affected, hence the Savinelli Saturnia has the capability to provide the best possible smoking experience one can have while smoking a Savinelli pipe. The Savinelli Saturnia pipe comes with twenty free inserts and a converter tube which you can use to convert your smoking pipe, activating the Balsa filter system.

The carved bottom and the smooth top of the Savinelli Saturnia really makes the pipe beautiful to look at, and promotes the image of elegance and luxury that most pipe enthusiasts crave while smoking their pipes, hence Savinelli Saturnia was designed to give them exactly what they need to make their smoking experience more special.