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Savinelli Short: Big Smoke In A Compact Package!

The Savinelli Short tobacco pipes are the epitome of sophisticated perfection. Any pipe aficionado would agree that to own a Savinelli tobacco pipe, they have increased the credibility of their collection by a tenfold. Originating in Italy in 1876 as a small shop that sold tobaccos, cigars and pipes, Savinelli has expanded over four generations, from Achilles Savinelli Sr., who was the original owner of the shop, to Giancarlo Savinelli, a man who is responsible for bringing the Savinelli brand to the rest of the world and establishing the Savinelli name as a standard that all the other pipe manufacturers have to compete with in terms of quality, sophistication and craftsmanship.

The Savinelli Short smoking pipes are from a series which are designed to easily fit inside your pocket. They are available in four basic pipe shapes, which are all five inches or less in length, hence being appropriately named “short” as they are the smallest pipes in the entire Savinelli tobacco pipe product line.

The best part about the Savinelli Short series is that although the overall size of the pipe is small, the diameter and dimensions of the pipe bowl remain normal sized, therefore the quality and amount of smoke produced upon smoking the pipe provides you with the same excellent Savinelli experience like all of the other smoking pipes in Savinelli’s itinerary.

Savinelli Short tobacco pipes are manufactured with acrylic mouthpieces, and are made in the complementing colors of deep brown and black, with a gold tone band that sets the whole look of the pipe off very nicely. The Savinelli Short smoking pipes are available in both the rustic and smooth finishes, with slight variations in each different piece in the product line.

Savinelli Short has all the best features of the Savinelli brand, such as the Savinelli Balsa Filter System, which triggers moisture absorption, providing the smoker with a comfortable, cool and dry smoking experience.

The filter works because of the qualities of the balsa wood which it is made from, which is a natural absorber of moisture, which prevents pipe damage due to combustion, and eliminates the need to use chemicals to filter, which might compromise the taste and quality of smoke and tobacco. There are twenty inserts available upon purchase with the Savinelli Short, which leaves you with the choice of applying the filter system if you want.

The Savinelli Short is a pipe on the go, designed to easily fit inside a pocket and can be smoked whenever the smoker wishes as the size of the pipe has no impact on the big quality of smoke that the Savinelli Short is capable of producing.