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Savinelli Sigla Pipes

Savinelli Sigla pipes are a line of pipes made by the historical and widely respected Savinelli brand. As with most other types of Savinelli pipes, this line uses the Balsa filtering system that is interchangeable throughout the Savinelli pipe lines. This filtering system is a fantastic system that has great features such as the ability to absorb Savinelli Sigla Pipesmoisture form the tobacco before it comes through the stem and is inhaled. This offers a much more pure taste as the tobacco was intended to have. This filtering system has received rave reviews from pipe smokers from around the word, because of the interchangeability as well as the function of the filter.

Sigla Pipes Styles

This particular line of pipes is offered in many different styles including a smooth and rustic style. The rustic style offers a rugged style exterior design on the bowl, which many smokers and collectors like. The design of this particular line offers a slanted and unique shape. The initials of Achilles Savinelli are found on the side of the stem on each pipe. This is the signature that a true authentic Savenelli Sigla pipe will have. Many people find that these pipes look very sophisticated and well made.

Savinelli Sigla RusticaSigla Bowl

The bowl size in each style of the Savinelli Sigla pipes varies. Some bowls are wider in diameter and can hold more tobacco than others. The size of the bowl is a personal preference that each collector or smoker desires. Some people prefer a smaller bowl because they only smoke a small amount of tobacco at a time, while others prefer a larger sized bowl because they like to smoke continuously without changing the tobacco. Both options are available with this line of pipes, which makes it universally well liked. This regal style pipe looks very elegant and unique.

Savinelli Brand

The Savinelli brand of pipes is well known throughout the entire world. The brand is associated with making some of the most unique and well liked pipes in history. People who collect pipes should know this pipe well, as Mr. Achilles Savinelli Sr. opened one of the very first tobacco shops in the entire world in 1876. Owning a Savinelli brand pipe is a goal of most pipe collector not only for the historical value of the brand, but also for the design and function of the pipe itself. Honored throughout the pipe industry, this particular line of pipe has brought an entirely new look and feel to the Savinelli brand.

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