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Savinelli Sistina Pipes

There are many tobacco pipes that smokers of tobacco use, but there are few top notch pipes that can enhance the flavor of the tobacco. The Savinelli brand of tobacco pipes is one of the most respected brands in the world. This Italian pipe manufacturer uses specific fine quality briar in making the pipes. The Savinelli Sistina is a high quality pipe that was inspired by the Sistine Chapel. There are two main finished that this pipe is offered in. These finishes include the smooth classic and the Bordeaux finish.

Savinelli Sistina Pipes CollectorsSavinelli Sistina Pipes

The Savinelli Sistina is a pipe that many collectors would like to include in their collection. The pipe is distinguished by the acrylic yellow band that wraps around the stem. Many collectors like this design because of the unique and elegant features. This pipe has a variety of shapes that are classic to the Savinelli brand. For some, this is the ultimate catch in terms of additions to a pipe collection. Some of the styles that come in this particular line of pipes include shapely designs that are especially unique. When a person is searching for a special pipe to keep for themselves or offer as a gift, this line of pipes definitely fits the bill.

Savinelli Sistina Pipes Features

Many people feel that the features of the Savinelli Sistina pipe, like many of the other Savinelli brand pipes, offer flexibility. For instance, the Balsa system can be used with this pipe. When a person buys this pipe, they are usually able to buy inserts that can fit into the pipe. This acts as a filter. Many people like the taste of the tobacco after it is filtered through this type of filter, although some prefer to smoke the tobacco without the insert filter. The nice aspect of this type of pipe is that it can be used with or without the filter.

Savinelli Sistina Pipes Bowl

The bowl is about one and three fourths inches which can hold a good quantity of tobacco. Most of the pipes in this line weight only about two ounces. For many people, these Savinelli line of pipes are classic pieces that can elevate their collection to a better level. The elegance of the pipe speaks for itself and is made by a skilled craftsman.

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