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Savinelli Spigot Pipes

Savinelli Spigot pipes are considered some of the most fashionable and well-designed pipes made today. They bear the well-known and well respected Savinelli name, which has a rich history in the tobacco and pipe making world. This brand has been a family business since 1876 when Achille Savinelli Sr. opened his very first tobacco shops, which was also one of the first shops to sell tobacco opened in the entire world. Most pipe collectors and smokers revere this brand as a high quality brand that makes high quality pipes. Many pipe collectors like the elegant curves that some of the Savinelli pipes offer.

Savinelli Spigot PipesBalsa Filter

The Savinelli Spigot line of pipes is made to use with the Balsa filter system. This system was created by Savinelli to use interchangeably with all of their pipes. The filters absorb moisture that is in the tobacco offering a pleasant tasting tobacco free from the moisture that can damage the effect. Many people who do not like to use filters in their pipes will use these filters because they keep the integrity of the tobacco taste in tact when they are used. They add benefits to the pipe such as the moisture absorbency.

Savinelli Spigot Pipes Models

There are many different models of the Savinelli Spigot pipe line. They are offered in the rustic Bordeaux look that draws many pipe collectors. There is a tilted version that has a slanted neck and bowl as well as a straight stem and bowl version. The pipe is also available in black smooth finish that looks very elegant and masterful when used. The models also come in natural smooth design as well as red smooth design. The bowls are offered in varying size depending upon what the collector is looking for in terms of size. There are many options in terms of style with this line of pipes.

Savinelli Spigot Briar

The natural smooth design is made from Mediterranean briar. This type of material Savinelli Spigot Redoffers a rich yet natural tone and is offered with a larger and smaller bowl option. The wood is a high quality briar wood that makes for a well-made pipe design. Choosing between the colors of the pipe is a personal preference, but the traditional natural color seems to be a more popular choice. Many pipe collectors prefer to choose a style that is not widely available. This makes the pipe a little more rare many years from now. There are many different designs that one can choose from in this line of pipes.

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