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Savinelli Spring Pipes

Savinelli Spring pipes are considered to be made in a classic design hat most pipe collectors like to see in a pipe. There are a few variations to the pipe itself, and there are a few different models of the pipe that pipe smokers and collectors can choose form. The Savinelli brand is one of the most respected brands in the world. Mr. Savinelli opened one of the very first stores in the world that sold tobacco, so there is a rich history full of tobacco and pipe making that gives this brand its fruitful edge.

Savinelli Spring PipesSavinelli Elegance

The Savenilli Spring line of pipes is considered an elegantly and skillfully designed pipe. The Spring 111 KS model is a traditional looking pipe that has an elongated stem that is tapered in a billiard fashion. The pipe itself is 6mm in size and the bowl is considered to be a larger than normal sized bowl. This is important because it means that the bowl can hold a great deal of tobacco compared to other pipes. For some pipe smokers this is an important element, especially if they smoke tobacco from a pipe regularly or they smoke a great deal of tobacco in one sitting.

Spring Pipes Differences

The lines of Savinelli Spring 606 KS pipe are much more curved than the traditional Savinelli Spring Smoothmodel. The bowl is spherical in shape and is tilted to offer a beautiful look. The length of the pipe is a bit shorter than the 111 KS model and is a little more than 5 mm in size. The camber depth in this pipe is 1.30 inches and has a diameter of .79 inches. The smooth finish offers a beautiful look that many pipe collectors find to be a bit rare in the pipes that are offered today.

Savinelli Spring Pipes Balsa

The Italian made Savinelli Spring pipes are made with the compatibility of the Balsa filter system. This system was created as one of the best filter systems available for pipes today. The filters are interchangeable between the many different Savinelli brand pipes. The many designs that the Savinelli Spring pipes offer can provide pipe smokers with a wide variety of choices. Although the billiard style pipe is one of the most commonly sold pipes in this line, the other designs are very well received. The pipes are made with non-oxidizing mouthpieces that fit over this entire line of pipes. These pipes offer a great way to enjoy smoking tobacco for the regular smoker as well as the infrequent smoker. 

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