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Savinelli Tevere: A Dedication to the Tiber!

The Savinelli Tevere tobacco pipe is very well known! Every pipe aficionado today knows that owning a Savinelli, is a significant jewel in his pipe collection, as it is every bit as beautiful and valuable as an intricately carved piece of jewelry, and just as precious. Every curve, every mark, every notch carved onto the pipe is dripping with the rich history of the Savinelli brand, reflecting its uniqueness and quality, and the Savinelli Tevere tobacco pipe is no exception.

Savinelli has become a legend, thanks to the efforts put in by Achilles Savinelli Jr. that singlehandedly changed the standard for smoking pipes all over the world, putting Italy in the lists with the top brands of smoking pipe companies at the time, effectively beating them down to establish its permanent place at the top spot of quality tobacco pipe producers, an admirable feat considering the humble Savinelli beginnings with a corner pipe retail shop.

The Savinelli Tevere smoking tobacco pipe series is named after the longest river in Italy, river Tiber, which runs two hundred and fifty two miles across the country, through Rome, before eventually emptying into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Savinelli Tevere pipes are made from the finest grades of Sardinian and Corsican briar and are available in both rustic and smooth finish in its product range.

One of the popular smoking pipes in the Savinelli Tevere range is the renovated burly Bent Billiard, which now sports a handsome, suave dark walnut finish, tied together beautifully with a ‘Greek key’ motif band.

This particular Savinelli Tevere tobacco pipe is 5.12 inches long, which upon conversion would be a 130.5 mm. It weights 76.54g (2.70 oz) with a bowl height of 53.9 mm.

Another beautiful smoking pipe belonging to the Savinelli Tevere tobacco pipe range is the Savinelli Tevere Rustic 606. The Savinelli Tevere Rustic 606 is a gorgeous rusticated pipe, crafted with a gold colored accent band on its shank, and an elegant black Lucite shank. It measures in at 2”into 6”, and is a definite treasure to most collectors in terms of style and quality.

All of the Savinelli Tevere tobacco pipes have non oxidizing acrylic mouthpieces, which employ the use of the 6mm, Savinelli unique Balsa Filter System, and have an intricately carved gold tone band, giving the pipe sophistication like the river it represents. Savinelli Tevere pipes come in both fishtail and straight ended stems, and are all convertible, with 20 inserts available with the purchase of a pipe from most retailers, to regulate the filter system.