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Savinelli Tobacco is Best with Savinelli Pipes

When getting started with the Savinelli style balsa wood tobacco pipes, many people wonder what kind of tobacco will provide a superior smoking experience. Do you need branded Savinelli tobacco to get the most from your Savinelli pipes? Or can you substitute any kind of tobacco that provides the flavor you want? Advanced tobacco pipe smokers also consider the wood of their pipe when thinking about what tobacco to choose. The qualities of the wood give the tobacco a distinguished "spin" -- this means that each pipe smoker has a preference for a certain brand and a certain wood in addition to a certain kind of tobacco.

The short answer is that you do not need Savinelli tobacco to get the most out of a Savinelli pipe. However, the Savinelli brand has worked hard to create a variety of different mixtures, including a distinctive tobacco tin for each one. One of the most popular flavors of tobacco available from Savinelli is the Savinelli Special, which is hand-pickedVirginiatobacco.Virginiatobacco is famous among serious pipe smoking aficionados because of its incredible longevity. Stored under ideal conditions with some form of a hermetic seal,Virginiatobacco has been known to last as long as a hundred years! Of course, you'll want to smoke it long before then.

What other Savinelli tobacco flavors are available? At the moment, you can find a total of six types, each typically provided in a branded fifty gram Savinelli tin. Another flavor that is well regarded among veteran pipe smokers is the Savinelli Black Cavendish, which consists of fruity and nutty notes fromVirginiaand Burley ingredients. The Black Cavendish style comes with chocolate and vanilla flavors to add a touch of class to your already refined pastime. Savinelli blends are excellent in the morning or evening, especially with the unique Savinelli filter system that makes the pipe smoke that much cooler.

Savinelli tobacco is known for the delicate and nuanced layers of flavor and texture that it creates with unique blends. The Savinelli brand set out to create tobacco options that are every bit as unique as their pipes, with the same gravitas that their other products already command. Although it isn't necessary to pair branded tobacco with Savinelli pipes, many smokers swear by Savinelli for every aspect of their hobby. As the premier brand inItaly, you'll find that should your journeys take you toEurope, you'll be every bit as well stocked for tobacco products there as you are domestically.