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Savinelli Tortuga Pipes

It can be a little discouraging attempting to choose a gift for a family member or close friend when they already have many material things. The question can come up of what type of gift to purchase for someone near the winter holidays and during birthday time. For pipe smokers, it can be as simple as purchasing a quality pipe like the Savinella Tortuga. The elegance and design of this type of pipe can leave a lasting impression on those who like to smoke pipes. It is important to consider many characteristics of the pipe to determine its quality.

Savinelli Brand

The Savinelli brand is considered to be a top of the line brand in pipes. It is important to consider the type of material used and also whether or not it is natural or synthetic. This will be a factor in the quality of the instrument and will make a difference in the quality of tobacco that is smoked. When a person takes careful consideration when they are purchasing a pipe for a gift, it can be received as endearing. The Savinelli Tortuga is considered to be a rusticated finished briar wood pipe.

Tortuga Features

Savinelli Tortuga PipesThe Savinelli Tortuga pipe has several features that make it unique. The pipe comes with an ash cap made of faux tortoise. This can come in handy for those who do not like to completely smoke an entire bowl of tobacco. This will save the tobacco so it can be picked up later for use. Many people who smoke pipes on a regular basis run into this problem quite often, and the design is made for those who may smoke inconsistently throughout the day or evening. The pipe itself is almost six inches in length so it makes for a good size for most people.

Savinelli Tortuga Pipes Gift

When people are searching for a gift that is unique and special, they may want to consider a pipe for people who enjoy smoking. Pipes such as the Savinelli Tortuga often draw a great deal of attention due to its sleek lines and classy design. This type of pipe can use the Balsa system and usually can be purchased with inserts that may also be used with the pipe. Inserts are fantastic for absorbing the moisture that can affect the taste of the tobacco. Pipes that use this type of filtration system are higher in quality because they can offer the best of the tobacco without interfering with the taste. 

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