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Savinelli Trevi: A Tribute to Rome

Savinelli Trevi smoking pipes are known worldwide for their sophistication and quality. Many avid smoking pipe aficionados say that owning a Savinelli tobacco pipe should be an aspiration for all pipe smokers. Swathed in deep culture and rich history, the Savinelli brand has established itself as one of the most authentic pipe makers in the world.

Savinelli is a family owned business since 1875, when Achille Savinelli Sr. started running a small pipe and cigar establishment, which became a place of congregation for smokers, as they found like-minded individuals that share a common interest- smoking pipes. This was where smokers would gather and exchange ideas, experiences and preferences about tobacco pipes.

Achille Savinelli Jr. was the one that decided to branch out into actually creating their own pipes, rather than selling those made by other companies. He started a small factory, which has now expanded into a big operation producing the superior Savinelli Pipes available in the market today.

The Savinelli Trevi smoking pipe is a tribute to the Trevi fountain in Rome. The Trevi fountain is based in the Trevi rione It is twenty six meters high ( 85.3 upon conversion) and 20 meters wide ( 65.6 feet upon conversion. It is a historical landmark renowned for its beauty, as it is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome and is amongst the most famous fountains all over the world.

Savinelli Trevi is a pipe that immediately makes an identification with the smoker. Savinelli Trevi is created to entice all of the five senses that dominate human nature. The Savinelli Trevi is capable of engulfing the smoker with a sense of contentment from the moment he ignites the pipe till the moment he sets it down.

The Savinelli Trevi tobacco pipe claims it can introduce you to a world where it can access all your feelings and draw out your senses as your draw the smoke out of the pipe. The makers of the Savinelli Trevi explain this in the form of a verse, which is:

‘Hold it in hand and feel the wood that warm up

Listen to the crackling of the tobacco which burns

Watch a wonderful object

Breathe the aroma of a fragrance

Taste your favorite tobacco’ – Savinelli Pipes

The Savinelli Trevi tobacco pipe is a unique instrument. It is meticulously crafted by skilled craftsmen by hand, which put the Savinelli Trevi smoking pipes piece by piece, making it impossible for anyone to duplicate and produce them industrially.

Savinelli Trevi tobacco pipes come in both rustic and smooth finishes. The usually have a band which is silver toned and has a filigree carve. They can be convertible, and you can get a pack of twenty inserts along with a converter tube, which many retail outlets give free of charge.

The Savinelli Trevi tobacco pipes, rustic or smooth have the best Mediterranean Briar finish, with acrylic stems which you can get as either a fishtail or straight, depending on your preferences. Savinelli Trevi usually come with a filter which is an approximated 6mm in length.

The outside bowl diameter of the Savinelli Trevi pipe is 1 1/8 inches with the inside bowl diameter is 7/8 inches. The depth of the bowl is 1 ¼ inches.

The Savinelli Trevi tobacco pipe is clearly one of the classiest smoking pipes in the Savinelli collection. It is preset so it has all the convenience of a modern day pipe, without losing its old world feel, which makes the fact that it is a tribute to the historical Trevi fountain, which conjures a similar image.