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Savinelli Trevi Pipes

As a well respected name in the tobacco pipe world, the Savinelli is a treat to behold. Whether it is the Savinelli Trevi or the Savinelli Venere, these pipes are made with quality and durability in mind. In addition to the hand crafted and designed briar wood components, these pipes are often very affordable, so even the most humble beginner can own a beautiful and high quality pipe. The Trevi in particular is an interesting pipe, and was created as a homage to the beautiful fountain that is Rome. You can choose from many different varieties of the Trevi to find one that is exactly what you desire in a good pipe.

Savinelli Trevi PipeSavinelli Trevi Features

The Savinelli Trevi pipe line can offer several different features, such as a smooth or rustic finish, or components like apple, billiard and brandy. You have so many options as to color, style and finish, that anyone can find a handcrafted Trevi to suit their particular tastes. One of the most unique features of the Trevi that sets it apart from others is the aqueduct design. This elegant pipe bowl and stem can make any collector weak in the knees, and yet is affordable enough for a novice.

Savinelli Trevi Engineering

It is interesting to note that the Savinelli Trevi line is considered to be comprised of faultless engineering along with artistic detail, leading to a perfect marriage of function and beauty. Not many pipes anywhere in the world can offer that combination under any circumstances, much less in an affordable fashion. If you enjoy the best pipe smoking experience possible, and yet have a rather strict budget, then this really is the pipe for you. Let the little details, like the aqueduct stem or the lovely silver accents shine as a lovely ornamentation and a great smoking experience.

Savinelli Trevi Balsa

The balsa system, as it is called, it a unique convertible pipe stem function that allows the pipe smoker to enjoy a perfectly smooth smoke without having to add chemicals or special filters to their pipe. The balsa system is incorporated into the Savinelli Trevi, which means that you will get a fantastic smoke with little or no effort or accessories on your part. Simply insert the filter and change it as needed, and that's it. You will be able to truly relax with this pipe, and will not have to work to ready, smoke or clean the pipe truly a rare experience in the pipe smoking world. 

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