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Savinelli Tundra Pipes

When choosing a quality pipe, it is important to know what to look for. The Savinelli Tundra, for example is a quality pipe made by the renowned pipe manufacturer that has caramelized acrylic mouth piece. When looking for a pipe that can be used for many years, it is important to choose the type of material used to construct the pipe. This can determine the lifespan of the pipe. Fine quality wood that is used with natural products will last longer than synthetic products in most cases. Researching the materials that are used can benefit anyone looking for the right pipe.

Savinelli Tundra PipesSavinelli Tundra Pipes Extraordinaire

The Savinelli Tundra pipe is a part of the EX line, which stands for Extraordinaire. Many collectors of pipes will be adding this to their collection due to the handcrafted and polished wood that is used. This high quality pipe uses Sardinian Corsican briar, which is the finest in Italian briar. Pipes like this are considered to be a form of art, but offers fantastic functioning ability. It is important to store this type of pipe in an area that will protect it so it will not be damaged. Cleaning the pipe after use is also essential in keeping it in good condition.

Savinelli Tundra Pipes Balsa

The EX line is one of the newest and features the Balsa System. This system uses Savinelli Tundraspecial filters that absorb any moisture that gets into the pipe or tobacco. This is a great system that produces a pure taste to the smoker that is not disturbed by moisture that gets into the pipe. The Savinelli Tundra can be used with or without the Balsa inserts, which can serve as a functional pipe for those who do not want to keep a stock of the Balsa inserts available for smoking. The Balsa system also has a cooling result on the smoke.

Savinelli Tundra Pipes Bowl

When looking for quality pipes such as the Savinelli Tundra, one should consider choosing natural wood. This will enhance the taste of the tobacco used in the pipe. This type of Savinalli pipe has a bowl that can accept quite a bit of tobacco in comparison to other pipes. The bowl inside of the pipe is one and a quarter inches in depth. This particular pipe is six inches in length total and is a typical size for a pipe of this nature. Many people associate the brand Savinelli with quality and well-made pipes, because the company has been manufacturing pipes since 1876.

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