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Savinelli Venere Pipes

As one of the oldest and most renowned names in tobacco pipes, Savinelli Venere is a company that began in the late eighteen hundreds and is still going strong today. The Savinelli has created innovative technology and design to create a greater smoking experience for many, and this is why this pipe brand is so sought after. The Venere pipe itself is a nod towards the Italian Renaissance, and is usually considered to be a work of art in its own right. This means that now only do you get a beautiful and meaningful pipe, but one that is a tribute to beauty and art.

Savinelli Venere Pipe

The Savinelli Venere is what is known as a bent pipe, due to the shape of the stem. This isSavinelli Venere Pipes a perfect pipe to clamp in the jaw, and is created out of materials that can vary from rustic to smooth. Depending upon your desires, you can find a Savinelli to match any aesthetic value imaginable. Many of the Savinelli's are convertible, which allows you to own a versatile pipe. In addition to the beauty and style of this pipe, the Savinelli company has long been striving to create an affordable pipe as well.

Savinelli Venere Quality

After four generations of creating some of the world's finest pipes, the Savinelli company still continues to produce terrific models such as the Savinelli Venere. This pipe in particular is very popular, due to the quality of the briar wood used in the pipes. Briar wood needs to be carefully aged before it can become a terrific wood for a pipe, and the Savinelli company has mastered the techniques of aging the briar. This creates a unique smoking experience that is unmatched by lesser brands, and this is what makes these pipes truly worth the money, the care and the effort of finding the perfect one.

Savinelli Venere Affordable

Tobacco pipes can run the gamut from very expensive to very cheap, and most people try to find something that is affordable yet still of high quality materials. The Savinelli Venere pipe is the perfect mix of affordability and beauty, and offers a terrific smoke. The quality of the hand dyed wood is indicative of the craftsmanship that goes into each and every pipe that comes out of the Savinelli company. When looking for your perfect Savinelli pipe, be sure to peruse the many options that are available with this company, and try to buy the best pipe you can possibly afford.

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