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Savinelli versus Peterson Pipes

For those who have been part of the pipe smoking community for a long time, the names of Savinelli and Peterson Pipes brands should be quite familiar. For those who have not been part of this community, the names may not be so familiar. The fact is both of these companies offer a wide assortment of pipes. Yet they come from distinctly different traditions and their final products reflect these differences. In order to fully appreciate both brands, you need to know more about them.

Savinelli Tobacco PipeThe Savinelli brand is distinctly Italian. The Savinelli name comes from the company's found, Achille Savinelli. Achille opened up a pipe and tobacco shop in Milan in 1876. The shop sold a wide assortment of pipes from different companies. The shop quickly gained in popularity and fame due to its quality merchandise and superior customer service. In 1920's Achille's son, Carlo, introduced the company's own line of pipes. That distinct pipe line production continues through today. The family owned factory still produces pipes from its factory north of Milan.

On the other hand, the Peterson Pipe brand is distinctly Irish in style and approach to pipe smoking. The company that produces this pipePeterson Pipe Tobacco Pipe began as the Kapp & Peterson Company in 1875. Within a few years, this company had established their reputation throughout the UK, France, and America. The company did not focus on large scale production. Instead, much of their production focused on distinctly unique pipes that used the latest innovations in pipe design. That tradition continued through the tumult of the Irish Rebellion and continues today.

When comparing the Savinelli to the Peterson Pipe, the distinctions can be quite subtle. The starting prices are similar when sold in the United States. The wood used in the pipe bowl for both brands is the Mediterranean briar plant.  Both companies offer a wide range of pipe styles for consumers to try.

Despite their similarities, these pipes are distinct in their styles. The Savinelli adopts classic European designs from the Mediterranean and the Germany traditions. The Peterson Pipe captures the traditions of the Irish and UK islands.

For anyone who wants to find a new pipe, either of these brands will give a new experience. They offer pipes in a wide selection of styles and prices. You can find the right fit with a bit of searching. Both brands are quite popular with tobacco smokers around the world.