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Savinelli versus Yello Bole

Many tobacco pipe smokers have developed a favorite pipe style and brand with time. However, some are just entering the world of tobacco pipes. Two of the brands you might have seen are the Savinelli and Yello Bole brands. These pipes offer different experiences for the tobacco pipe smoking public. They come from different traditions in pipe making and manufacturer. When you are looking at these brands, you need to know where they come from and what they offer to the consumer. Here is a comparison of these two common brands of pipes.

Savinelli Tobacco PipeIn history, the Savinelli versus Yello Bole shows the distinct differences of these two brands. Savinelli brand comes from a Milan pipe shop owner, Achille Savinelli. In 1876, he started his own shop and began selling quality pipes for customers in this region of Italy. They quickly gained fame for their quality and customer service. In 1920, Achille's son Carlo introduced the company's own line of pipes. Today, the tradition continues with this family owned business. These quality pipes sell all over the world to consumers and concessioners alike. 

On the Yello Bole brand, the history is quite different. This brand of pipe came from the famed American pipe company, Kaufman Brothers & Bondy. The company was producing briar pipes for the public by the 1920s. However, they found they had some wood that Yello Bole Tobacco Pipethey would not use in their Kaywoodie line of pipes. To use this excess wood and to provide a lower cost option to their customers, they introduced the Yello Bole brand in 1932. With its distinct yellow interior, this brand still sells quite well in many parts of the world.

The differences between Savinelli and Yello Bole are generally easy for the consumer to spot. One significant difference is the price. Savinelli pipes generally start around $70 and go up from there in price. Yello Bole pipes start around $15 and go up from there. Savinelli pipes are made in a small factory in Italy while Yello Bole pipes are made in the United States. Both brands offer a wide selection of styles. The Savinelli pipes display more characteristics of European pipes while the Yello Bole captures English and American pipe traditions more closely.

For those who want to try a new pipe, the choice is completely personal. They may appreciate the style options found in one brand over the other. They may want to try a lower priced pipe if they are just becoming pipe smokers.