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Savinelli Tobacco Pipes are the World’s Best Selling Pipes for a Reason

SavinelliWhen choosing between Savinelli pipes and those from another manufacturer, many smokers have distinct personal preferences for the unique aspects of each brand’s offerings. For instance, most Savinelli pipes feature the brand’s signature filtering system, which provides a cleaner smoking experience than some other pipes. A triangular piece of balsa wood is placed in a six-millimeter bore that has been drilled into the shaft of the pipe. This extremely porous piece of wood is capable of absorbing the tar and nicotine of the tobacco, essentially “cleaning” the smoke before it’s inhaled. For those who prefer a filter-free smoke, the filter system can be easily blocked by inserting a small plug that is provided with each Savinelli pipe.

This is just one example of what sets Savinelli pipes apart, as this world-renowned brand offers several lines and series of pipes, each with its own unique characteristics. With so many types to choose from, you’re likely to find a Savinelli pipe to your liking at TobaccoPipes.com, whether it’s one of the brand’s:

  • Freehand pipes – Each of these pipes is one of a kind. The pipes’ shapes come from the unique characteristics of the particular pieces of burl wood that are utilized in the manufacturing process.
  • Pre-set pipes – Savinelli offers numerous series of pre-set pipes, with each series varying in terms of the quality and grain of the briar from which they’re constructed. Within each series, the pipes retain a uniform size and shape.
  • Special series pipes – Each category of special series pipes is based on a special event or is produced as part of an exclusive collection.

Every smoker will have a different set of preferences that draws them to one Savinelli line over another. Likewise, the brand of pipe that smokers prefer largely depends on their personal tastes regarding the way the smoke is pulled, the material it’s constructed from, and several other variables. That’s exactly why TobaccoPipes.com strives to offer a pipe for every smoker’s liking, including Dr. Grabow, Savinelli, Yello Bole, Missouri Meerschaum, Brebbia, and Peterson pipes, to name a few.

Contact us to learn more about the various pipes we offer at TobaccoPipes.com.