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Short Tobacco Pipes

Short tobacco pipes are pipes that are considered to be smaller than the standard sized pipe. Historically short pipes were created in pipe shops by customers that would snap the ends off the stem of a pipe to rid the pipe of the previous smoker’s germs. Many smokers came to find out that there are many benefits of smoking tobacco with a short pipe. The short stem allows the smoke to be inhaled at a faster rate, which can be beneficial to those who like to smoke heavily.


Those from sophisticated economic levels tend to smoke their tobacco from a short pipe. These types of pipes are usually five inches or less in size, and can be taken just about anywhere in a person’s shirt or jacket pocket. The bowl of the pipe is one of the most important pieces of a pipe because this is where the tobacco is stored. The amount of tobacco used in a pipe at one time can be an important aspect of the pipe for some smokers because it can determine how often they have to add more tobacco. This depends on how often a person smokes their pipe. Short pipes can have large or small bowls depending upon the pipe maker.


Short tobacco pipes can often be used with filters. Some filters are built into the stem of the pipe, while others are removable and can be inserted at the smoker’s discretion. These filters can control the strength of the tobacco smoke that comes through the stem as well as some of the toxins. Some of the unwanted toxins are filtered out so that the smoker can experience the best form of the tobacco when they smoke their pipes. There are many people who prefer to smoke their pipes without the filter, but more often than not, most people prefer a filter in their pipes.


There are a few pipe makers that have created a short tobacco pipe. These pipes have gained popularity over the years primarily for their mobility, but also because of their unique design. The shorter design is not only easy to transport, but this type of pipe is very fashionable in some circles. These pipes an also be added to a collector’s set because they are not made as often as standard sized pipes are made. This can make them more alluring to pipe collectors than some of the standard pipes because of the fact that they are made less frequently.