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Sillems Pipe Lighters

Whether you are a novice pipe smoker or a piping expert with decades of experience, you have probably been through the lighter versus matches’ debate. Some pipe smokers will insist that matches are the more authentic way to go and give a number of reasons why matches work best. A lot of pipe smokers tend to use both, opting for matches when they’re in the mood for a classic feel and lighters when they’re out and about or just don’t want the fuss of matches. For those of you looking for a great lighter to invest in, there can’t be any better than a Sillem’s.

Sillems Pipe LightersBest Sillems Pipe Lighter

Sillem’s pipe lighters are considered by some smoker’s to be the go to of all pipe lighters. A particular favorite is the Sillem’s Old Boy. These beautiful lighters are crafted from sterling silver overlaid with durable hard baked enamel that promises longevity. The special look to these lighters is that the silver beneath the enamel has a tendency to glow, giving the lighters a rather unique translucency and opalescent like effect. Each lighter carries the Hanse’s anchor cross, representative of the 4-prong anchors that were used by the Hanse trading houses to hold their ships at harbor dating back to the 16th century.

Sillems Pipe Tool

If you are looking for a way to bypass using an individual tamper to pack your bowl, then this is another reason to think about investing in a Sillem’s lighter. The lifetime guaranteed Sillem’s features a removable pipe tool that can be easily clicked back into place on the lighter, making it possible to tamp and relight your pipe, as needed, using just one hand, as the side flame will shoot directly into your pipe bowl. This makes a Sillem’s ideal for those who need to multi-task while enjoying their pipe. 

Sillem's Lighters an Art

Sillem’s lighters are for those pipe enthusiasts who do not just smoke a pipe; they have made the smoking of a pipe a near art form. These are the smokers who are willing to invest in searching out their perfect pipe, the most delicious, aromatic, and at times, most rare of tobacco blends. They are looking for the accessories they can add to their collections that are worth hanging on to for a lifetime, those items which at some point someone new to the pipe smoking hobby might one day cherish as the gift of a lifetime. With a Sillem’s pipe lighter, there’s just no going wrong.

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