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Sillems Pipe versus Vauen Pipe

Sillems Pipe versus Vauen Pipe – Comparing German Pipes

While many pipe debates take shoppers back to the country of origin for various products, the Sillems pipe versus Vauen pipe debate is seated solely in Germany. Both companies are natives of this country, though they offer very different products. Vauen pipes are best known for their filtration design. These pipes feature a conical filter chamber and Dr. Perl junior system filter. These activated carbon filters are very effective at filtering pipe smoke. If you're looking for quality filtration, there's nothing like a Vauen pipe. Since 1968, all models produced by this company have been fitted with the distinctive filtration system.

Sillems Pipes

Sillems' claim to fame in the pipe industry is focused on the production of fine, luxurious smoking products. Pipes are not the primary product created by Sillems. Instead, this company comes out ahead in the Sillems pipe versus Vauen pipe debate in the area of additional accessories. If you enjoy the prestigious cross anchor logo of Sillems and are looking for a matching set of fine pipe accessories, the Sillems pipe is the way to go. You can select a pipe, lighter, pipe bag, and tobacco, all with the sleek silver anchor as the single decoration on these pieces. Sillems is committed to beautiful design and high quality materials.

Vauen Pipes

For pipe selection, Vauen wins in the Sillems pipe versus Vauen pipe argument. There is a wide selection of Vauen pipes available to smokers. Though the pipes vary greatly in size, style, design, and finish, all are equipped with a 9mm filter system so you'll get the same quality of smoke with any type of Vauen pipe. The Conex system and Dr. Perl junior activated carbon filters are standard with Vauen pipes. Sillems pipes are much rarer. If you enjoy having a one-of-a-kind pipe that others are unlikely to have, however, Sillems products may just be the way to go in this pipe debate.

In the end, the choice of a Sillems pipe versus Vauen pipe will be a highly personalized decision. As frequent pipe smokers know, there is no one pipe that fits every individual. The fit of the pipe in the hand and feel in the mouth are highly subjective. The preferred taste of the smoke is an important factor as well, and one that may be effected by the Vauen filtration system. Give both quality German pipes a try and you're sure to find one a better personal fit than the other. Sillems and Vauen are both well-established companies with long histories of worldwide popularity and success.