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Smoking Pipe

How to smoke a tobacco pipe:

Properly smoking a tobacco pipe is all in the puffs! After the tobacco is properly lit, steady, gentle and slow puffs will keep the pipe going. You should never inhale tobacco pipe smoke.

Improper puffing will either cause the tobacco to burn out, the tobacco will burn too hot and very fast, and could also build up condensation in the tobacco chamber. This will ruin the taste of the tobacco.

Tongue bite is a burning sensation on your tongue that occurs when the tobacco is packed too loose.

If the tobacco continually burns out, it is usually either you are not puffing correctly or the tobacco is packed too tight. It is okay to have to light the tobacco a few times during smoking. It happens to the best of us.

As ash builds up in the bowl, gently knock it out. After ridding the ash, use a pipe tamper on the remaining tobacco.

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