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Stanwell Army Pipes

The UK has had a lengthy history of creating some of the most excellent briar wood pipes in the world and that tradition continues today with Stanwell pipes.  Stanwell pipes were actually born out of unfortunate circumstances resulting from World War II when quality English briar pipes were no longer available to the dedicated pipe smokers of society.  It was at this time that a Danish gentleman named Poul Nielsen began handcrafting pipes for those English individuals who could no longer get the quality pipes they so dearly loved.

Stanwell Army PipesArmy Beech Wood

Nielsen was unable to get the briar he needed to handcraft his pipes so he began by making them out of the finest quality beech wood.  From the very beginning, he was committed to creating the finest handcrafted pipes at extremely affordable prices.  It was at this point in time that the Stanwell brand name of fine quality pipes was born.  His genius is still present today throughout the entire Stanwell line of products and exemplifies consumer affordability, high quality craftsmanship, and the most creative design possible.

Stanwell Army Models

One of the more popular series of pipes are the Stanwell Army Pipes and there are three different models worth recommending which include:

  • Army Mount 88 – a billiard-shaped pipe that features a straight shank and stem design.  The 88 is available in two eye-appealing finishes – red polished or sandblasted.
  • Army Mount185 – this model is characterized by its bent apple design and is available in the same red polished or sandblasted finishes like the Army Mount 88.
  • Army Mount 246 – the 246 features a bent billiard design that is anything but conventional and is also available in the same two finishes.

Army Pipes Stems

If you are the type of pipe smoker that likes to occasionally switch stems between long and short versions, the different Stanwell Army Pipes were made for you.  Each pipe is characterized by the Stanwell tapered band design that allows for the gradual induction of smoke into the stem.  Not only can you switch between longer and shorter stems, this flexibility helps to avoid any possible breakage in that most vulnerable area of the pipe.

Stanwell Army Pipes BriarsStanwell Army

As with every other pipe in the product line-up, Stanwell Army Pipes are made from the finest quality of Mediterranean briars available and all three models usually sell for under $100.  If you are a pipe smoker and use more than one pipe on a fairly regular basis, any one of the series would be a welcome addition to your collection.

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