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Stanwell Blasted Pipes

Compared to other pipe brands available on the market today, Stanwell Blasted Pipes as well as their other fine smoking products are anything but ordinary.  Due to the craftsmanship and quality of materials used in the manufacturing process, the Stanwell pipe is oftentimes viewed as a work of art.  Briar wood has long been considered the best material to create a high quality pipe from and Stanwell manufactures their pipes from the finest quality Mediterranean briars available on the market.

Stanwell Uniqueness

The uniqueness of every Stanwell product is attributed the 70-year history of the name and the innovative designs that characterize the entire product line.  Not only are these different designs innovative, they are aesthetically pleasing to look at and afford the smoker with an enjoyable smoking experience.  Best of all, compared to other top brand names of pipes in the marketplace today, Stanwell pipes are available for a fraction of what the other brand names cost.  So even if you have budget restrictions, you can afford one of these quality pipes.

Stanwell Blasted PipesBlasted Pipes Finish

Stanwell Blasted Pipes are characterized by their sandblasted finish.  Two of the more popular models in this finish include the well known Blasted Brunette 185/9 mm and the 232/9 mm pipes.  Each one is characterized by their brown sandblasted finish and polished rim while all are stamped with the gold colored crowned-S logo imprinted on the side of the pipe stem.  In addition to the Blasted Brunette series, there are several other pipe series featuring the sandblasted finish.

Stanwell Blasted Models

These include the Andersen Sandblast 3, Army Mount, Featherweight, and the Trio series of pipes.  So along with the other fine models in the entire product line-up, Stanwell Blasted Pipes are a great choice for the beginner and the veteran pipe smoker.  In addition to the high quality Mediterranean briars that are used to create each pipe in the entire Stanwell product assortment, you have a choice of the more traditional smooth finish as well as those with a sandblasted finish.


The sandblasted finish is one of the most unique pipe finishes that you will find on the market today.  Sandblasting is a very detailed yet highly sophisticated finishing process.  Not only does it provide a grain that is easily visible, it is a grain that you can feel as well.  Finally, Stanwell Blasted Pipes make an excellent gift for the holidays if there is a pipe smoker in your family.  However, any one in the series would make an excellent addition to any person’s pipe collection.

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