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Stanwell Colonial Pipes

One of the many reasons that the Stanwell pipe product line is recognized as an industry leader is the fact that they use the finest aged and cured high quality Mediterranean briar wood.  Along with the handcraftsmanship and innovative designing that goes into every model in the entire product line-up, Stanwell has created the highest quality possible in order to provide the pipe aficionado with the ultimate smoking experience.  Best of all, they are amazingly affordable compared to the other top brands in the global marketplace today.

Stanwell Colonial PipesColonial Models

One of the more outstanding pipe series are the different Stanwell Colonial pipes that are currently available.  There are four different pipes of interest available in the Colonial series which include the Colonial 30 and the Deluxe Brown 19, 45, and 86.  Each pipe features a uniquely shaped bowl in addition to the classic brown finish that the entire product line is well recognized for.  For instance, the Colonial 30 is known for its strawberry shaped bowl while the Deluxe 19, 45, and 86 offer different bowl shapes as well.


As with any of the other pipes in the entire product line, Stanwell Colonial pipes by the aged and cured Mediterranean briar wood used in their construction and the uniquely innovative designs of each model.  There are those pipe aficionados that view the Colonial models as works of art and not just ordinary smoking pipes.  The optimum grain and saturation quality is attributed to the aging and curing process of the briar wood.  Not only are the designs innovative, they are extremely eye-pleasing as well.

Stanwell History

As with all of the other pipes in the Stanwell line of products, the Colonial models of the history of the manufacturer which is what makes them so unique.  Stanwell pipes were born during the Second World War when devoted pipe smokers in the UK could no longer get the quality briar wood pipes that they had grown to love.  Today, the company continues to manufacture each and every one of their products with this colorful history in mind, never once backing down from producing a top quality product at an affordable price.

Stanwell Colonial Gift

Additionally, with the holidays rapidly approaching, any one of the Stanwell Colonial pipes would make an excellent gift for the dedicated pipe smoker in your family or a close personal friend.  Not only do any one of the Colonial series make an excellent gift, they are a great addition to any pipe collection.

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