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Stanwell Featherweight Pipes

One of the more popular pipe series offered by Stanwell are the Stanwell Featherweight Pipes.  These are smaller and more lightweight than many of their other models.  However, this does not detract from the exceptional quality and innovative designs that characterize just about every pipe in the entire product line-up.  Three of the more popular models that are currently available are manufactured using the same aged and cured Mediterranean briar would that Stanwell has insisted on using since the company began in 1942. 

Featherweight Models

These include:

  • The Featherweight 107 is also a billiard style design that offers a classic look and feel.  It is available in the classic brown or red polished finish as well as the sandblasted finish.
  • The Featherweight 123 features a high quality bent billiard design in a black sandblasted finish which not only provides the user with a grain that they can see, but one that they can feel as well whenever they are holding the pipe bowl.
  • The Featherweight 243 is a smaller bent design and a lightweight pipe that is Stanwell Featherweight Pipesavailable in the classic polished brown finish.  As with the other Featherweight models, the 243 is a very elegant and smooth smoking pipe.


Featherweight Pipes Weight

Stanwell Featherweight Pipes were designed and developed for the pipe smoker who prefers a lighter weight pipe to handle when smoking rather than a “beefier” bowl to hold on to.  As with so many of the other models in the entire Stanwell product line-up, the Featherweights are manufactured from the same high quality Mediterranean briar wood that has been meticulously aged and cured over time.  By virtue of this alone, it is apparent that a considerable amount of effort has gone into every Stanwell pipe that is sold on the market.

Featherweight Collection

For the pipe aficionado, the Stanwell Featherweight Pipes would make an excellent addition to their collection.  With the holidays just around the corner, any one in the series would make an excellent gift for a pipe smoking family member or personal friend as well.  At first glance, the pipe design and quality would make you feel that these pipes are very expensive, but you will be amazed at how affordable they are considering their top-of-the-line quality.

Should you need additional information regarding this pipe series, you can always find them at TobaccoPipes.com using Stanwell Featherweight pipes for your search terms.  You might want to consider reading any online product reviews we have on this pipe series as well.

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