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Stanwell Golden Danish Pipes

Since 1942, Stanwell has become one of the most popular and recognized high quality pipes available on the global market today.  This excellent brand of pipes was born during the WWII when quality briar wood was in short supply and many pipe smokers could no longer find these types of pipes in the marketplace.  Stanwell pipes are revered as works of art, not just ordinary pipes, for numerous reasons beside their 70-year history of the finest quality hand craftsmanship which goes into each and every pipe the company sells.  Each pipes appearance is indicative of the amount of effort that went into its creation.

Stanwell History

Over that 70-year period, many Danish masters have had a hand in the creation of some of the most innovative pipe designs you will see anywhere in the world today.  Along with their historical background and the use of highly regarded pipe designers, the Stanwell name is synonymous with top-of-the-line quality that you would expect.  Made from the finest aged and cured Mediterranean briar wood, Stanwell pipes exceed every pipe smoker’s expectations when searching for a relaxing smoke.  The grain and saturation quality of every Stanwell pipe is attributed to the aging and curing of the briar wood.

Golden Danish SeriesStanwell Golden Danish Pipes

One of the most outstanding series available today are the Stanwell Golden Danish pipes.  Characterized by the unique brown sandblasted finish, Golden Danish pipes not only feature a grain that is extremely aesthetic but one that you can feel as well.  The Golden Danish series is available in a number of assorted bowl shapes and sizes as well as different stem styles as well.  So you have more than just one or two styles to choose from.  And of course, every one in the series is backed by the dedication to quality and affordability that characterizes the renowned Stanwell brand name.

Stanwell Golden Danish Experience

Stanwell Golden Danish pipes were designed and developed with the most discerning pipe smoking tastes in mind.  These are larger bowled pipes which are guaranteed to provide every smoker with an enjoyable experience when smoking their favorite tobacco.  For the individual who has an established pipe collection, any one of the Golden Danish models would make a perfect addition.  And with the holiday season almost upon us, these fine pipes would make an excellent gift for that pipe smoker in your family.  Anyone of the Golden Danish pipes on the market today would be a great addition to a pipe smoker’s collection.

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