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Stanwell Hans Christian Andersen

Stanwell is a company that’s known for making premium artisan pipes that are priced affordably, and will fit into anyone’s budget. Their pipes are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to grow their tobacco pipe collection, or acquire new, high quality pipes that deliver a top of the line smoking experience at affordable prices.

Stanwell Quality

All of Stanwell’s pipes are incredibly high quality, but within their different pipe collections they also offer pipes that are more extravagant than others, and are meant for more Stanwell Hans Christian Andersendiscerning tastes and accomplished tobacco smokers. Stanwell Hans Christian Anderson pipes are among these.

Stanwell Hans Christian Anderson is a collection of various pipes including the Stanwell HC Anderson Polished 6 and Stanwell HC Anderson Sandblast 3. The Stanwell HC Anderson Polished 6 is a churchwarden and bent dublin shaped pipe that’s polished to a shine and has a smooth finish. The pipe has a gorgeous shine to it, and gives the feel of an old European style pipe with the same amount of artistry and craftsmanship as traditional pipes. The Stanwell HC Anderson Sandblast 3, on the other hand, has a sandblast finish, but features the same churchwarden and bent dublin shape as the Polished 6. The sandblast finish gives the pipe a more textured feel, and makes it look a little more traditional than the Polished 6 as well. It’s an excellent pipe for those who want a classic look and feel in their tobacco pipe.

All the pipes in the Stanwell Hand Christian Anderson collection are made of the highest quality briar wood, and are some of the best pipes on the market. The briar that is used for each pipe has the best grain and color available, and Stanwell artfully crafts each pipe.

Stanwell History

In addition to the high quality, Stanwell Hans Christian Anderson pipes also contain all the history of the Stanwell company, which began during the time of World War II. With this history and their high quality construction, the pipes offer an excellent smoking experience for the veteran smoker as well.

Because Stanwell Hans Christian Anderson pipes are such high quality, premium pipes, and are designed specifically for the more distinguished and experienced smoker, they tend to cost just a little more than other Stanwell pipes. Stanwell Hans Christian Anderson pipes usually sell for a little over a hundred dollars, but can often be found below a hundred and fifty dollars, making them a little more expensive, but still very affordable. The extra cost is well worth it, as each Stanwell Hans Christian Anderson pipe is a work of art that smokers, collectors, and history buffs alike will appreciate.

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