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Stanwell Pipe

Pipe aficionados probably know well the Stanwell name; it has been around since the mid forties and is known as one of the best types of pipes in the world. These briarwood pipes are considered unique in their quality and design, and while they may be expensive, they are worth it. So what makes this brand so special? The quality of the design is the first consideration; these are not assembly line pipes, but are pieces of art in their own way and are usually made by very reputable designers, such as Ivarsson and Eltang. The briar wood is handled as an act of creation by these designers, and when you buy one, you are buying a product that was created with care.

Stanwell PipeStanwell Pipe Smoking

In addition to the aesthetically pleasing aspect of the Stanwell pipes, their reputation for excellent smoking is thought to be second to none. The hand carved shapes allow for a perfect balance of beauty and functionality, and the quality of the smoke is thought to be extremely good with these pipes. When it comes to enjoying a good pipe, you can take the reputation of this manufacturer into account and take a chance with success. This is a great pipe for beginners, simply because it is an excellent pipe and is often very affordable as well.

Stanwell Pipe Collectable

These Stanwell pipes are usually considered collectable pieces as well, and are much valued for the quality of their workmanship and the quality of the pipe smoking experience as well. The manufacturer is thought to be an exceedingly efficient one, and one that cares about the excellent quality and customer satisfaction. The prices can range from very affordable to quite expensive, as these are highly collectable pieces. However, you can usually chose from a large selection of this brand of pipe to find one that will meet your budget.

Stanwell Pipe Excellence

In this day and age, it is rare indeed to find a company that actually cares about its products when consumers seemingly care about disposable items. The Stanwell pipe company has continued to stick to their standards of excellence regardless of the times, and this is perhaps why this is such a well loved pipe; customers respond to the chance to enjoy quality and integrity in their pipe. Whether you are a seasoned smoker or a novice, this is one pipe that you really need to add to your collection as soon as possible.